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Alumni Game 6/9/14

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2014 Alumni News (Team 8)

2013 Alumni News (Team 7) 

2012 Alumni News (Team 6) 

2011 Alumni News (Team 5) 

2010 Alumni News (Team 4) 
Thomas Sible was recently named captain of the University of Detroit Lacrosse team...for the spring of 2014. Congratulations TSibes!!! 9/23/13

2009 Alumni News (Team 3) 

2008 Alumni News (Team 2) 
David Stead recently graduated from Michigan State University and is currently in Law School at The University of Wisconsin. 10/15/13
Taylor Keyworth was recently named assistant coach for the Davenport University Club Lacrosse team.  Taylor played Hockey and Lacrosse as a collegiate student athlete at Davenport.

2007 Alumni News (Team 1) 
Geoff McAleenan recently graduated from Albion College and is currently in Law School at Michigan State University.  10/15/13