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BATTLE OF THE RAMGER (Lax vs. Cancer Game)
The contest played by the Rangers and the Rockford Rams was established during the 2007 season.  Former Rockford coach Tim Murray and FHC coach Tony Quinn decided that making this game influential outside of the lacrosse significance was extremely important.  Thus, the game and promotions surrounding this competition are used to raise money for the American Cancer Society. In 2012, current Rockford coach Pete Sims suggested the donations be given to a local charity.  The Van Andel Institute was a logical choice for the two communities.  The highly competitive game on the field is a second priority to the battle off of the field, as both communities have been directly affected by cancer.

Running total: $43,020

Results: (6-2 FHC)

4/18/13 FHC 13-0

4/20/13 FHC 12-8

4/21/12 Rockford 7-6

4/23/11 FHC 9-4

5/8/10 FHC 11-9

5/1/09 Rockford 13-11

4/22/08 FHC 11-6

5/15/07 FHC 9-8

Credited with being the first two school districts in West Michigan to play lacrosse...East Grand Rapids and Forest Hills have been competing since the mid 1980's. When Forest Hills Central became their own program in 2007, the FHC vs. EGR contest picked up more speed.  Separated by the East Beltline (M-37) the two similar communities take to the field each spring...typically with conference and state standings on the line.  The team with the overall winning record on the season gets to proclaim themselves as the "Beltline Battle Champions."

Results (number of games won by the two teams): (12-8 FHC)

2014: FHC 2 EGR 0

2013: FHC 0 EGR 1

2012: FHC 2 EGR 1

2011: FHC 2 EGR 0

2010: FHC 3 EGR 0

2009: FHC 2 EGR 0

2008: FHC 1 EGR 2

2007: FHC 0 EGR 4



The game played by the Forest Hills Central Rangers and the cooperative team made up of Forest Hills Northern and Forest Hills Eastern team.  The "RIVALRY" established in 2008 after becoming two separate programs in 2007.  To the winner of the game went the "King of the Hills Trophy." In 2013, the cooperative team of FHN and FHE became separate programs as well, and participating in different tiers of the OK Conference, thus concluding the passing of the "King of the Hills Trophy."

Results: (8-6 FHC)

5/14/13 CENTRAL 8-6 (Conf. Championship)

4/23/13 CENTRAL 9-6

5/11/12 CENTRAL 9-8 (OT) 

4/26/12 CENTRAL 12-7

4/12/12 CENTRAL 11-5

5/13/11 NORTHERN/EASTERN 7-6 (Conf. Championship)



5/21/10 NORTHERN/EASTERN 18-17 (Conf. Championship)


4/29/10 CENTRAL 14-13 (OT)


4/29/08 CENTRAL 9-5

3/27/08 CENTRAL 10-6

The 2009 Game received national recognition from laxpower.com

THE FIRST "King of the Hills" CONTEST 

MARCH 27, 2008 FHC 10 FHN/E 6