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Character = 4 C's

The philosophy of Forest Hills Central Lacrosse is founded upon strong character.  This trait as a student athlete can be developed and nurtured through the recognition and actions exemplified in the 4 C’s.  Knowing and understanding these four terms and the way they can be displayed each day on and off the field are extremely important and necessary for success as a person and athlete playing lacrosse at FHC.

A direct result from each individual personality...it forms who we are.




Class- the integrity used upon making and dealing with decisions and the circumstances that come with them...

Commitment- the measure of one’s life is their commitment to excellence whatever the definition of excellence may be...

Compassion- by showing compassion we are able to serve others and be aware of their needs...

Courage- improvements in our moral character are our own responsibility...having the courage to do it is a must...






CHARACTER = 4C's GAME (Northville) 5/7/14
Players Nominations of Character Models Include:
-Russell Mohney- David Urich
-Rick Dykema- Ryan Whitlow
-Tim Murray- Kevan Barissi
​-David Stead- Ben Argo
-Stacey Steensma- Mitch Delanoy
-​Jake Mills- Zach Love
-Dave Kransberger- Andrew Kransberger
-Thomas Murray- Patrick Donovan

-Northville Coach Greg Durham and Holt Coach Mike Van Antwerp- FHC Lacrosse
-FHC Baseball Coach (retired)- Thad Abel

CHARACTER = 4C's GAME (Grand Haven) 5/10/13

Players Nominations of Character Models Include:

-Rick and Mary Cunningham- Nick Cunningham
-Jay and Kay Nehls- Spencer Nehls
-Eric DeLamielleure- Collin Schlosser
-Doug Josephson- Chris Bosscher
-Tim Murray- Zach Korstange
-Adam Boonenberg- Taylor Boonenberg
-Max Lint- Parker Lint
-Bill Brewer- Tyler Brewer
-Jon Gerard- Luke Gerard
-Tom Bartus- Evan Bartus
-Tom and Karen Basch- Erik Basch
-Matt Cambridge- Kyrn Stoddard
-Susan Gray- Asa Gray Buchta
-Julie Ellis- Ryan Ellis
-Beth Fillian- Tyler Quinn
-Rob Miedema- Keeling Ploof

-Grand Haven Coach Murle Greer- FHC Lacrosse
-FHC Wrestling Coach Brad Anderson- FHC Lacrosse

CHARACTER = 4C's GAME (Warren DeLaSalle) 5/4/12

Players Nominations of Character Models Include:

-Bud Bailey- Jesse Bailey
-Tim Murray and Dan Bailey- Kevin Stephen
-Nick Gage- Nate Gage
-Bill Alexander- Tyler Woodard
-Brad Anderson- Trent Bohrmann and David Berkompas
-Andy Rundquist- Andy Barnikow
-Jason Nagel- Joe Saxe
-Betty Scobe- CJ Biggs
-Christine VanVranken- Brandon Dean
-Abby Tideman- Joe Tideman

-Warren DeLaSalle Coach Mike Jolly- FHC Lacrosse
-FHC Tennis Coach (Retired) Dan Bentley- FHC Lacrosse